The Melt Down 2019

Welcome everyone to The 2019 Melt Down brought to you by the YCAP Food Bank in partnership with 20 local restaurants throughout Yamhill County. Entering our 3rd year of The Melt Down, in addition to the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches EVER, we have added a few new things to the event. Thank you to our sponsors for helping make that happen!

For 2019, you can pick up a passport at any of the participating restaurants or at YCAP, beginning Feb 1st. The Melt Down Passport includes all 20 restaurants, their location, days and hours of operation, their sandwich description and the price of their sandwich along with a stamp-card that will earn you prizes along the way and an opportunity to win “A Major Award” at the end of the event. You will have a full month (Feb 1-28) to try each and every sandwich you desire. Every sandwich purchased helps raise funds for the YCAP Food Bank ($2 per sandwich). YCAP Food Bank partners with local food pantries and meal sites to feed those in need in Yamhill County.


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